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Event Planner Organiser & Music Entertainment is having the team of professional for effective entertainment and event solution through its various show organizing programs.
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Event Planner Organiser & Music Entertainment is having the team of professional for effective entertainment and event solution through its various show organizing programs. Our most important services under this category are game shows, quiz shows, Orchestra shows, fashion shows, celebrity shows, dance shows, DJ shows, juggler shows, musical program shows, miracle & magic shows, illusion shows, solo dance shows, stage shows, ghazal shows, concert shows, mimicry show, special event show, road shows, trade biz shows, product launch shows, charity shows, group shows, B2B shows, B2B shows, social gathering shows, trade shows etc.

Below-the-Line (BTL) and Promotion

Show Organizer Event Planner Organiser & Music Entertainment is planning and organizing the various shows according to the requirement of clients. Our Below-the-Line (BTL) promotion implies the utilization of insidious marketing techniques to get the product right to where the consumers are present. Our different marketing techniques to promote the brand or product under Below-the-Line Promotion are road shows, in-shop-promotion, direct marketing/response management and display/branding etc. to reach the brand to all the segments of population. We are different because our professionals are well equipped with strong interpersonal and communicational skills with a proactive and positive personality ready with the modern and high-tech equipments of lighting, visual effects, power supplies, audio, structural trussing and associated equipment of entertainment, promotion or advertising events. In this way, high visibility brand awareness, enhanced brand reputation, exciting execution and relevant feedback enable our client to manage the budget effectively.

Different Types of Road Shows

Among these activities of BLT, the Road Shows are highly demandable due to our professional way of organizing the road shows with the aims of promoting the brand name or the product to the maximum satisfaction of our client. Our famous road show activities can broadly be categorized as under:

Multi-Media Advertising Vehicles

“Your message and our medium” is the mantra of Event Planner Organiser & Music Entertainment that reflects in our unique way of propagation of product. As an effective advertising firm using multi-media advertising vehicles with an objective of delivering the advertising message directly to the customers, used eye-catching and colorful advertising vehicle that perfectly match the requirement of the clients they want to promote. For the promotion of the brand, we are using an advertising vehicles fully loaded with all the high-tech equipments of scrolling billboards, external audio system, giant video screens, colorful lights, projection advertising, full vehicle wrap etc. roaming around the highest traffic locations like shopping centers, entertainment districts, sporting events, community events, rush hour traffic – virtually any location that our experts visualize the kinds of audience where the brand has to be promoted. While promoting the brand we are constantly focusing to increase sales and exposure, increased quality and a healthy bottom line.

Road Show through Bike, Cycle and Rickshaw Activity

Our fleet of eye catching and colorful advertising bikes, cycles, rickshaw transforms the products of clients in such a way that inspire and lure the targeted audience and customers like never before. Our professionals wearing brand tea shirt, leaflets, wrap bike, cycle, rickshaw with brand name turn heads and command attention of every audience while passing through the highest traffic locations of shopping centers, mall areas, cinema halls, entertainment districts, sporting places, community events, rush hour traffic that really make the product sampling interaction among the audience.

Road Show through Umbrella Distribution

As a modern means of advertisement, Event Planner Organiser & Music Entertainment, as a part of its advertising and public relations programs, has accessed to the consumers through Umbrella Distribution after realizing the potential of umbrellas to successfully communicate the product and brand message, even the message of spiritualism. The clients have to tell us about the type of audience they want to reach or convey the message, other parts is planned by our professionals accordingly. However, major spots we selected for the distribution of umbrella for advertisement are malls, shopping centres, big bazaars, dhabas, hotels, water stalls, district centres, sporting places etc across the regions of Delhi and NCR.

Auto Sticker Campaign

Event Planner Organiser & Music Entertainment offers various methods of modern means of advertisement for non-traditional marketing campaigns designed to reach to the targeted consumers. Auto Sticker Campaign is one of the most effective ways of road show advertisement where the message of advertisement can not be tuned out, ignored, skipped crumbled or thrown in the trash. Auto sticker campaign gives multiple benefits to the clients because the message is unavoidable because it is eye-catching, it is unforgettable because it displayed the message in that form, it is cost effective too in comparison to other means of road show advertisement.

Market Area Activity
To promote the brand or products of the clients, Event Planner Organiser & Music Entertainment is using one of the most effective tools that include the installation of stalls or stage across the highest footfall areas of Delhi, NCR or any parts of India. However, our comprehensive services under market area activity includes - handling entire expo as a whole, if permission required, we procure relevant permission, creative and professional team for the projecting of hi-tech stalls, strategy for selecting the location to promote the brand at maximum, creative display of brand/product, trained executives, hosts and hostesses in costumes. Under our services our clients get unparalleled reach and frequency, unbelievable exposure, unrivaled effectiveness, undeniable results and immeasurable benefit.

Banner Boy at Traffic Signal
Event Planner Organiser & Music Entertainment, while making strategy for the promotion of the brand or product of the clients decided even to provide the services of delivery/distribution of leaflets to catalogues and any other promotional material at all the major traffic signals of Delhi and NCR. The banner boys are holding the banner of the brand/product almost at all the major traffic signals while others are distributing the leaflets/pamphlets of the brand to be promoted to all the people.